Saturday, March 19, 2016

Minecraft Cake and TNT Cupcakes

On Maggie's actual birthday, I surprised her with red velvet TNT cupcakes.

For her party, we attempted a Minecraft cake with lava (red jello), water (blue jello), sand (Rice Krispie treats), and grass blocks (chocolate cake.  I made 2 large packages of each flavor jello, in a 8x8 pan. Cut up the 9x13 cake into blocks and stacked them with grass frosting. I was especially proud of the waterfall (I cut the jiggler in half so it was thinner.) However, my grass blocks were unstable and this was the best picture I got before it started slipping.

We also had a creeper figure, TNT block and Alex keychain to add to the cake.

The kids were very impressed with all the different treats, and didn't seem to notice it was toppling, so all was good!

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